Wednesday, November 2, 2011

May Flashback

**I started this post over a month ago and hadn't published it because I needed to take time to rotate the photos. Well, I still haven't done it but I'm publishing it anyways. :)  Enjoy the sideways photos! :)

My mouth just dropped! How in the world am I so many months behind on this!? I'm sorry, friends. When I'm on the computer all day at work (not complaining because I still love it there, thank You Lord!), I just don't feel like more computer time when I get home. Tonight I opened my personal email and my Google reader and I have 60+ email messages to sift through and 780 unread items in my reader. Now, mind you, many of those emails are those daily deals emails which don't do me any good if I don't read them on a daily basis to see what deals are out there. :)

Anyhow, here is a good catch-up post for you and I've already got two more in the works. :)  As far as life now goes, we are doing so great and couldn't be more thankful for God's faithfulness.

Flashback time!
May for me was very busy at work as we prepared for our June Annual Convention to be held in Pittsburgh. At the end of the month, Daniel and I took a road trip to visit our friends that had come to Ozark/Springfield in April. On our way to Illinois we made sure to stop by a Nicaraguan restaurant we'd found online a while back ago, Fritanga.

We also had to visit one of the chocolatiers of the association I work for that happened to be just down the street. (sorry, no chocolate pictures. We ate it all! :) )  But here are the pics of our food. It really was delicious!!

Our time with Shane, Brittany and kids was even sweeter than the chocolate. ;)  You might remember
from my April flashback that they have three kids (and now a fourth on the way!). It was truly a blessing to watch them and the godly way they are parenting their children. We learned a ton about what Biblical parenting looks like and were very encouraged and challenged in our own lives. And Daniel was a big help, jumping in to entertain and help out whenver and however needed. That was a blessing to me, for sure, and hopefully to them as well. We're so thankful for the gift of these friends!

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  1. The babies look so little! Can't believe it's been this long since you were here...will have to get you back up again! Love you!